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Animal Communication
Animal communication, what is it? 

Animal communication is also called telepathic communication or intuitive communication. It’s about establishing a bond with an animal in order to communicate with it.

The person practicing animal communication connects to the soul of the animal. This mode of communication would improve the relationship between an owner and their animal and identify the cause of problems.

We also use animal communication to transmit a message to the animal or to make the needs and desires of an animal known to its owner.

The animal communicator acts as an intermediary between the animal and its owner. It allows both parties to understand each other better and move towards a more fulfilling relationship.

Why make animal communication? 

It is possible to do animal communication for several purposes:  

  • To better understand your animal: some individuals use animal communication to understand the needs, desires and personality of their life companion. They thus find answers about their experiences and their desires (need care? to let them go? Yes/no, Why?)

  • To resolve a behavioral problem: some animals develop behavioral problems, for no apparent reason. Also, their owners sometimes choose to call on an expert in animal communication to understand what is bothering their animal.

  • To identify pain, an illness: animal communication would allow us to know why an animal is suffering (injury, illness, etc.). 

  • To find a lost or stolen animal: some animals have been found thanks to animal communication. This method would allow details of the whereabouts of the lost or stolen animal to be known.

  • To speak to a deceased animal: animal communication would be a way of getting in touch with our deceased companions.

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