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Akashic Records

The Akashic reading is a process that allows you to consult the memory of your soul. This reading allows you to gain access to your past lives in order to unlock present situations.

Indeed, our previous incarnations leave marks on our soul, and these marks can leave in place energetic blockages in our current life. By working on our past lives, we can overcome persistent problems in the present and thus evolve towards a better version of ourselves, more open, more fulfilled.

Why and where are the Akashic Records…?

Doing a soul reading or Akashic Records allows you to understand and heal any situation that comes your way. You can free yourself from many limiting beliefs, blockages, fears.


Also called Custodians, the Custodians of the Akashic Records are powerful spirits who protect universal knowledge. Neutral, they are committed to not influencing the course of events. Likewise, they do not push anyone to take one path or another.

Location :

Pierre A. Riffard gives the following definition: "Symbolic space of ether, located macroscopically in the empyrean [upper spheres] and microcosmically in the left ventricle of the heart, space where all the words, actions, thoughts of the man, all the beings and events of the world.



(by appointment only)



60 euros / hour (in proportion to the time spent)

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