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A very nice meeting at the right time, in full reflection on myself, you accompanied me gently on my initiation to Reiki, a discreet presence but full of empathy, always available. You were able to help me regain my self-confidence. Your way of transmitting is incredible and you provide real support, we feel our angel on our shoulder…. Thank you for being you and for bringing us to be us.



Here are a few words to express my immense gratitude to Gino Pizzino. Having passed my 1st degree with another Reiki Master in the Paris region, Gino was able to welcome me and accompany me to reassure me, take stock and put the acquired knowledge of this first level. With tact, pedagogy and kindness, he has enlightened me for almost a year in learning Reiki. I have no words to describe his presence and his availability, his advice and support… but also his correctness in his words to get me back on my way when necessary. His approach is adapted as closely as possible to each of his students according to their levels and their needs at the moment T. Each initiation lived with you, my dear Gino, is a unique experience full of emotions and love made possible by the harmony of your internships. Your warm and cozy welcome contributes to the magic of this great moment of sharing. Thanks to the love that you are and that you transmit, I will never forget these moments very present in my heart. I look forward to taking Reiki to the next level with you and discovering the wonderful surprises and encounters with other students that you will have prepared with care and gentleness. In addition, remotely and face-to-face, Gino also intervened at my home for cleaning and harmonization of the premises. I also wanted to underline the detail of his perceptions as well as the quality of the elements that he puts in place. On plans and photos, we are already preparing future interventions at my new home! Note, like his transmission of Reiki, the way he approaches these subjects and the way he acts. Thanks for your love. With my heart

Nicolas B. (Paris - France)

statue d'ange

I would like to Thank and express my Gratitude to my Reiki Master Gino.
I have just completed my level 2 alongside him and I have just had an unforgettable experience. Welcomed with the healthiest benevolence (my level 1 elsewhere was a "special" experience with another) I was trained by Gino who demonstrated pedagogy, psychology, attention and patience. Gino is the embodiment of pure Love and Light. Everything is exchange and evolution. Learning and practice . Fluidity and evidence. The whole in a humility, a kindness of the most valiant. Gino has this gift that few people transmit to you to guide you for a better yourself. So thank you Gino for allowing me to embody myself in my full potential. See you soon for level 3.
Jihane (Paris - France)

"  I had the pleasure of following a guidance session with Gino a few weeks ago.

He was able to highlight this gentleness and this benevolence that I have deep inside me through an exercise that overwhelmed me! Gino was able to connect with me and bring out what I have most precious and personal in me ... a big thank you, barriers have fallen thanks to you. I finally found myself!


Strasbourg (France)

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