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I'm Gino. Originally from Peru, land of the Incas where I lived for 20 years,

and now living. in Lyon


I work as a Personal Flight Attendant (Steward) for french airline.


Since my birth, I have always been connected with invisible energies.

The called from the higher forces led me  face my awakening in the energy world.

I was initiated by my masters into the light. I am a ferryman and  a guide of souls.


I adapt my energy and spiritual knowledge to bring comfort and remove everyday ills as well as physical or spiritual pathologies.


Nowadays I meet people through meetings  to make  their lives better and provide comfort.


"Make your life a dream,

and a dream come true. "                

I share this expérience with : 

Philippe Fontrier

Marie-Paule Hyvernat : web site under construction






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