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Reiki Level 1  

Element Earth - The physical - The present.

Reiki Possible wherever our hands can rest.


A few  information: ​ 

-History and Origin of Usui Reiki.

-Principles of the Centers  Energetic (Chakras).

-Practices and feelings of the 7 main centers  energetic.

-Initiation 1st  degree.


-Reiki Treatment on another person and comfort Reiki on yourself.

-Boost your energetic power.

-Reiki Training Certificate with your Usui lineage.


Price: 480 euros.

 ( Estimated time of training : 8H )

All training is done remotely over 1 day or face-to-face (in Lyon) over 2 days.

Training is on request and subject to availability.

"The healing of a part should not be attempted without treating the whole. No attempt to heal the body without the soul should be made ... it is the mistake of our time, that doctors separate d first the soul of the body. "

Greek philosopher Plato, 427 -327 BC

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